To deliver a truly beautiful lawn you need a combination of professional grade equipment and talented operators that know how to read the lay of the lawn and mow it in a way that highlights the natural beauty of your lot. Whether it be a corporate headquarters with professionally designed landscape scene or a smaller private yard you and your family enjoy Excel can work with you to be sure your expectations are met at a price you will be happy with.


Edging is the defining touch needed to bring out the crisp clean lines of your walkways, driveways and your beautiful landscaping features. Professional edge trimming is an extremely easy way to enhance the curb appeal of your property and define your home as one of the finest in the neighborhood. Edging is a great way to add value to your present landscaping features without expending any additional funding on materials. Edging will provide a barrier between your grass roots and the contents of your flowerbeds, walkways and driveways. When done on a regular basis it reduces the time required to complete the job whenever it needs to be done.